Moving out

Termination of contract

Termination takes place in writing / via mail to us and must be done by the contract holder

Our address:
Gilford Real Estates AB
Drottninggatan 12A
371 31 Karlskrona


Cleaning of apartment

Since cleaning fee is paid in advance, we clean the apartment after relocation is completed. No personal belongings may be left behind. Any roughage is removed by the tenant and must not be disposed of in the garbage room.

View apartment for new tenant

We contact the accommodation tenant to determine the time for apartment display for a new tenant. We perform these and you do not have to be at home during viewing.
It is appreciated if the apartment is tidy and in order – this is to facilitate the viewing.

Inspection when moving out

Determined jointly by landlord and tenant. The tenant should notify the landlord of an inspection at least 1 week before the departure.

The inspection of the apartment is made jointly and an inspection protocol is written as the moving tenant signs. In connection with the inspection, all keys are handed to the landlord.

If key is missing, the moving tenant is liable for replacement of the keycylinder. The tenant is also liable to pay if there is damage or abnormal wear on the apartment. Postbox must be cleared of mail when moving out.