Payment of rent

Payment is made in advance for the coming month and shall be maid in good time before the last day of the current month. You can pay by our bankgiro 974–4129 Gilford Real Estates AB, you can also pay directly to our bank account in Swedbank 8168-5 984 454 408-1, or international payment: BIC=SWEDSEES, IBAN= SE1550000000056811027800. Enter the apartment number and the month the payment is for, as reference.

Reminders and fees

If the rent is not paid in time, a reminder fee of SEK 75 will be charged each time a reminder is sent out. In the case of claims, a fee of SEK 160 is added. Info about fees is sent out and must be paid no later than in connection with the next rental payment.

NOTE! If we are forced to move on to debt collection, additional costs will be added and the tenant risks losing his / her accommodation.