Staying with us

Some common rules apply to the common good. To show respect and take into account the neighbors is very important for everyone in the house to enjoy themselves. Nurture the neighborly topic by treating others who you want to be treated yourself.



We generally see in Sweden an increasing problem with bed bugs and other insect pests that cause both suffering and economic damage.
Gilford Real Estates AB rents out all our apartments fully furnished as well as porcelain etc you need to stay with us, so as to avoid problems with pests we do not allow any of your own furniture,


Smoking is prohibited in the apartment as well as all public areas such as elevator, laundry room, stairwell etc. but is allowed on the courtyard, use placed ashtray. For everyone’s pleasure, do not throw pimples on the ground.


Pets of any kind are not allowed in the apartment or other areas including the courtyard because of allergy sensitivity for some of our tenants, people may even be afraid of some pets.

Bird feeding

Feeding birds from the balcony or on the ground around the houses is forbidden, it attracts mice and rats.

Bicycles, sledges and prams

These shall be placed in the basement Bike Room and not in stairwells and entrances. Evacuation routes in fire as well as availability for emergency personnel are vital. Objects in stairwells also increase the fire risk.


We now all need to save on water resources as part of avoiding water shortages during the summer. Do not drop off bath water and do not flush out large amounts of water at night. Do not flush other than toilet paper in the toilet seat.


In case of suspicion of pests in the apartment, always contact the landlord, who will take care of the matter for further action. For general information on pests, identification and how to avoid them, see also Anticimex’s website,


Tenant who, despite the remarks, misbehaves will lose the contract.

Laundry room

The laundry room is a shared asset for which all tenants are responsible. Of course, you leave the laundry room in the condition you want to meet it yourself. After all, it is better to clean after yourself than after others.

Be gentle with the machines, follow the instructions carefully. Then you also get the best washing result. Chlorine must not be used for bleaching and cleaning. You must also not dye clothes or wash carpets in the machines. Anyone who comes after can get their laundry ruined. Clean the detergent compartments, remove the lint from the dryer’s lint filter, wipe the defect. Discard debris in trash bucket.
Sweep off and wet the floor if necessary. Otherwise, follow the rules that apply to the laundry room according to the description.